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The new face of care

Dec 13, 2018 | Discover Our Blog

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Care in the community is changing beyond recognition, with a highly professional multi-disciplinary team enabling people to live at home with even the most complex of care needs. It is widely known that when people are living in an environment that truly supports their quality of life and wellbeing, they often thrive. At SweetTree we are here to support people living in the community to reach their full potential, whilst promoting a transformational type of care that joins quality of life and wellbeing goals, with promoting rehabilitation and independence goals.

At SweetTree, our staff team are key to achieving this. Supported by excellent training through our own academy, enables our support workers to be part of the professional team enabling people with complex health needs or complex behaviours needs to remain at home, where they choose to be.

Our aim is to achieve a service structure that enables individuals with the most complex of care needs to remain in their own home, surrounded by familiar people and surroundings, and be able to retain a level of independence and normality.

Care in the community is no longer about task focused care on a maintenance level. Care In the community is now about having outcome measured goals of specialist support that changes lives, through the provision of excellent care and highly trained support workers. The more a team member learns, the more a team member earns, whilst delivering expert care.

SweetTree is committed to helping support workers to hold these roles that have a life-changing impact for their clients. Providing a career pathway that builds with continuous professional development and 1:1 guided support though that journey. Due to their experiences, many of our support workers have chosen a path of nursing, clinical psychology or social work. With the encouragement of the SweetTree Training Academy, our support workers are able to pursue and develop their careers as they gain experience and complete specialist training courses and qualifications.

Director of Operations, Nicki Bones, said of the Training Academy, “The academy provides a fantastic resource for the progression of our support workers careers in care. The learning pathway we offer brings lifetime value to the support workers and aims to support each individual to reach their full potential.”

For more information about the opportunities we have available at SweetTree, contact our HR team