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Home Care Training

Home Care Training Courses


Join The Next Generation Of Leaders With Our Home Care Courses

SweetTree is a leading home care service provider based in the UK and we are here to help you become the best professional carer you can be. Recognised as an industry leader, we’re using our expertise and knowledge to mould the next generation of carers to join our ever-growing team. Our bespoke care training consists of championing each individual’s natural care abilities whilst developing caring and interpersonal skills to the highest standard.

Develop your care skills

Becoming a carer is an advantageous and gratifying career path; if this is the road you are considering taking, then we commend you! This profession is immensely fulfilling, and you will have no trouble leaving a positive, impressionable mark on your clients. If you find yourself with attributes such as empathy, patience, good communication skills, flexibility and resilience, then we recommend you join our home care training academy.

Start making a tangible difference in others’ lives, helping families where needed. It’s a highly gratifying career, and at SweetTree, we’re always looking for people to join our devoted team.

SweetTree’s Home Care Training

Run by passionate team members, our home care training provides our carers-to-be exceptional knowledge and the proper certificates to take on the profession head first. 

All of our training courses are free if you are a SweetTree Employee. Apply today.

12-Week Care Certificate:

During this 12-week care course, you will learn about:

  • Your role and duty of care
  • The principles of safeguarding adults and children
  • The pillars of nutrition
  • Handling and safety
  • How to perform basic life support
  • Communication and care skills to work in a person-centred way

After the course, you will also gain AIM Awards accreditations. We will use this time to train you to the absolute highest standard, ensuring you leave feeling confident and self-assured that you are indeed ready to become a carer.

Specialist Short Courses:

As well as our 12-week care training, we also offer the chance to pick up a range of certificates such as:

  • PROACT-SCIPr-UK training
  • Gold Standards Framework End-of-Life Training
  • AIM Awards (grow your knowledge on diabetes, dementia & more)

If you have completed your 12-week training, we recommend moving forward with the above certificates to improve your knowledge.

Apprenticeships, Diplomas, & Further Study:

At SweetTree, we also offer apprenticeships, diplomas and further study options that fall under the SweetTree Training Levy, which means there is no cost to those undertaking the qualifications. We are thrilled that we’re able to offer these opportunities. This provides an excellent opportunity for those wishing to develop and progress in their health and social care careers. 

Among the more popular choices are the QCF Levels 2 and 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care (Adults).

Aspire Programme:

The Aspire programme runs over an intensive and highly interactive four-day programme. It’s the perfect care training course for those with little or no experience in care. This will provide vital knowledge, understanding and practical skills to progress to SweetTree’s induction programme. 

Power hours

Our 1-hour long courses are perfect for acquiring valuable transferable skills such as effective listening, assertiveness, ownership and accountability, teamwork, emotional intelligence, managing customer dynamics, problem-solving and time management, amongst others. 

Why SweetTree?

SweetTree are incredibly proud to have been highlighted as a leading UK employer, after being named the 35th Best Company to work for by the Sunday Times. Strong recruitment, training and career development practices have also seen SweetTree retain our position as an ‘Investors in People Gold’ Standard company.

What documentation should I include with my application?

All applications are made via our candidate portal where you will need to either upload your cv or provide details of your previous employment history.

Do I need a work permit?

All British & Irish citizens and those with Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme are currently able to work in the UK without restrictions. If you are applying outside these limitations you will require a work permit/VISA. SweetTree Home Care does not currently provide sponsorship.

I have not got 12 weeks' previous experience

For candidates without twelve weeks’ previous experience, we have a programme called ASPIRE. The programme includes 5 days bespoke pre-employment training, shadowing some of our experienced Support Workers and completion of the Care Certificate. Once you have completed these steps, you will be providing care to our lovely clients in their own homes.

Do I need experience to become a care assistant/support worker?

All of our candidates will need to have a minimum of 12 weeks’ previous care experience.

I currently live outside of London; can I do the interview remotely?

Yes, we offer face-to-face interviews at our office in Swiss Cottage (London) or online via Zoom.

I’ve already undertaken training in a previous care company. Do I need to do this again?

Yes, our pre-employment assessment training is mandatory for all employees.

Is Care The Right Career Path For Me?

When contemplating care as your career path, you must consider the facts. Are you interested in helping people? Do you have the ability to be patient, resilient and caring even in those slightly more challenging moments? You may be the perfect person for a career in care. 

Here, you can discover the skills needed to become a care worker, going through the soft skills that are needed and of course, the training that is required. 

Why Should I Choose SweetTree?

As the UK’s leading home care service provider, we invest in the potential of individuals. Using our in-house experience and expert training, we teach all the next generation of careers to the highest standard. We also offer our courses free of charge if you are an employee of ours.

Are These Courses In Person or Online?

Both our Aspire program and our specialist courses are carried out in person at our Swiss Cottage office.  Our apprenticeships and diplomas take place mostly on our e-learning platform, with some sessions in person, whereas our power hours and 12-week Care Certificate are fully online unlike apprenticeships and diplomas.


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If you would like to begin your educational journey into becoming a care worker, get in touch with a team member now. We can advise you on the best route for you to take, depending on your current experience.

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