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Google UK Team Building at SweetTree Fields Farm

Aug 1, 2023 | Discover Our Blog

Last Wednesday morning, we had the pleasure to host a Google UK Team team building adventure at SweetTree Fields Farm. The day was dedicated to fostering learning and camaraderie, with the team engaging in a range of activities, including horticulture, painting, and caring for our farm’s animals.

Connecting with Nature through Horticulture

As the team arrived at the farm, they were greeted by the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and the lush greenery of the surrounding landscape. Guided by experienced horticulturists, the Google team members rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty. They were eager to learn about different plant species and the art of gardening. Working together to nurture and cultivate the land, they discovered the therapeutic and rewarding nature of horticulture, fostering a sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Embracing Compassion through Animal Care

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the time spent with the farm’s lovely animals. SweetTree Fields Farm prides itself on promoting animal welfare and education, and the Google team was more than eager to participate. Under the guidance of the farm’s caretakers, they learned how to groom and feed the animals, including sheep, goats and chicken. For many team members, this was an eye-opening experience, deepening their understanding of the importance of compassion and responsible animal care.

The Bigger Picture: Team Building and Community Impact

Beyond the individual experiences of horticulture, painting, and animal care, the day at SweetTree Fields Farm served a more profound purpose – fostering camaraderie and strengthening the bond within the Google team. Engaging in activities outside the office environment allowed team members to see each other in a different light, building trust and rapport that would undoubtedly carry back to their workplace.

Moreover, the visit had a positive impact on the local community and the farm itself. Google’s involvement supported our farm therapy initiative, benefiting individuals with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries, or complex care needs.

A Day to Remember

As the sun set on the enchanting SweetTree Fields Farm, the Google Team UK departed with memories that would last a lifetime. They had not only enjoyed a day of fun and learning but had also made a difference in their team dynamics and the local community. The experience was a reminder of the power of teamwork, the beauty of nature, and the value of stepping outside our daily routines to connect with the world around us.