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    How SweetTree’s farm helps with autism

    Jul 26, 2020 | Case Studies

    SweetTree Farm

    ‘It has changed my son’s life’

    One of SweetTree’s clients has a diagnosis of autism, differing behaviours and moderate to severe learning difficulties. He loves being outdoors and his mother expressed an interest in him visiting SweetTree’s Farm.

    After an assessment in which our skilled and specially trained staff gathered information about his preferences, our client was shown around the farm and given a chance to decide what tasks he would like to perform during his visits there.

    He was also given training by a SweetTree expert on what he would need to do. He decided he would like to be a part of activities such as feeding the sheep, going for walks and woodwork.

    The farming project went very smoothly and our client bonded really well with his support worker.

    His mother told us: “It has changed his life and wellbeing and that of our family’s. The fact that someone was there to help, the support was just what he needed. This has helped him to develop, learn and grow and has been a very happy experience.”