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Covid Rehabilitation
In London

Covid 19 Rehabilitation Service in London

SweetTree Home Care Services are proud to announce the development of a new service to support those recovering from Covid-19 at home with a clinically-led rehabilitation program.

Supporting clients with Covid-19

Supporting our clients with a safe and effective hospital discharge has always been a key objective for SweetTree Home Care Services, reflecting how important this is for our client’s physical recovery and wellbeing. No one would argue that the NHS and our hospitals have been of vital importance to saving lives and treating those with significant ill health due to Covid-19. However, we have also seen the pressures that this has put on our system and how getting people home quickly is seen as more important now than ever by both health care workers and families. Home is where people want to be!

At the beginning of the pandemic, SweetTree Home Care Services adapted to meet the challenges caused by Covid-19 head on which saw the development of a SweetTree Covid-19 tasks force:

  • delivering care to new clients leaving hospital with the virus
  • a specialised Covid-19 training program for all care team members
  • a PPE (personal protective equipment) delivery service to ensure all of our clients and carers remain safe
  • a method of virtual assessments as well as safe face to face assessment when needed
  • a travel assistance program to ensure support workers get to their clients safely, and
  • an expansion of our live-in service to help maintain safe support bubbles for vulnerable clients.

These Covid-specific activities have now been pulled together and expanded into a specialist Covid-19 Rehabilitation and Support Service which does all of those things outlined above but also assists clients and the NHS when going through the ‘Discharge to Assess’ process.  This service has been designed to help patients returning to the community to do so safely and quickly, enabling them to continue to receive the care and treatment they need at home.

Our Covid-19 programme is delivered by a dedicated team of specialist support workers which means we can help those returning back to the community to settle back into their home safely and carry on helping throughout their recovery, including rehabilitation following a ‘long Covid ‘ diagnosis.

Due to the extensive experience and range of knowledge across the SweetTree team, we can tailor the support we provide to meet the bespoke needs of each individual we are supporting. Should you or a loved one have Covid-19 or be in the process of recovering from it, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask to speak to our dedicated Covid-19 team who will be there to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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We found that SweetTree had responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in a systematic and well thought out way. There was a range of good practice which resulted in positive outcomes for people. These included the corporate pre-planning work to address the challenges of care provision during the pandemic.
CQC Report December 2020

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