Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – One Day Training Course

Become trained in the NHS recommended dementia therapy

Date: 20th February 2018
Venue: SweetTree Home Care Services, 1 Coleridge Gardens, London NW6 3OH
Directions to the venue: Please see attached map and directions.
Registration: 9.30 am
Start time: 10.00 am
End time: 4.30 pm
Cost: £150, including lunch, refreshments and course materials

What is CST?
CST is an evidence-based group treatment for people with mild to moderate dementia. It involves 14 or more sessions of stimulating, themed activities, based around more complex principles including learning theory and person-centred care. CST can be extended into a longer-term treatment and can be offered to a range of clients including outpatients and people in residential or day care.

Why is it so important?
Clinical trials have demonstrated that CST can lead to significant benefits in cognition (e.g. memory and orientation) and quality of life and that quality of life can continue to improve on a longer term basis with regular sessions. Cognitive benefits are comparable to those obtained through dementia drugs and CST is cost-effective. Qualitative research has shown that people with dementia and their carers can notice improvements outside sessions: in confidence, conversation and memory.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2006) recommended that “People with mild I moderate dementia of all types should be given the opportunity to participate in a structured group cognitive stimulation programme.” CST is now widely offered across the NHS and is being used worldwide.

Who can offer it and how?
CST can be administered by anyone working with people with dementia, including care workers, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists or nurses. Attending training equips people with the skills to offer CST and ensures that it is delivered in a standardised, person-centred and effective way.

What does the training involve?
Training is led by Dr Aimee Spector, Clinical Psychologist. Dr Spector was one of the original developers of CST and works at University College London as a leading dementia researcher. She has authored over 95 publications including all the CST training manuals, developed the CST training course and personally trained over 3000 people. Training is interactive, involving group exercises, role-play and video observation including some ‘teaching’.

Learning Objectives
– Recognise various explanatory models for dementia and the main therapeutic approaches used in dementia care.
– Understand how Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) was designed and evaluated.
– Be able to deliver CST to groups of people with dementia and critically evaluate this process.
– Reflect on issues such as the selection of suitable participants, motivating people to participate and managing group dynamics.

To book your place, please contact Siobhan Desai in the Training Department:
Phone: 020 7644 9554

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