Learning Disabilities

Supporting adults with a natural person-centred transition towards greater independence

The specialist Learning Disabilities Service at SweetTree provide the highest quality care and support possible at home and in the community for people with mild, moderate and severe learning disabilities. The SweetTree team recognises that it is generally not the learning disability that prevents people from taking on new challenges or living more independently but rather restrictions in the community surrounding them. We design our support packages on personalities, likes, dislikes, goals and ambitions focusing on what people can do rather than potential obstacles.

Our success is based on the ability to work creatively to find solutions to any challenges that arise. An important part of this is providing assistance to friends and relatives who care for people with learning disabilities, to ensure that they too maintain their quality of life.

  • Successfully living at home independently
  • Skills building to manage your money
  • Travel training to gain confidence and independence
  • CV preparation, job searches and role pay for interviews
  • Learning to stay healthy and exercising
  • Support with medication and health appointments
  • Discovering new hobbies, getting out and having fun!
  • Accessing vocational training and work experience
  • Managing correspondence and bills
  • Working towards independence with personal care tasks
  • Building social skills used to develop friendships

Proactive support

We support people with autism and differing behaviours applying the PROACT-SCIPr-UK® model, a holistic approach that is based on positive behaviour support. Positive behaviour support is a key part of the person-centred care we provide. The model aims to improve quality of life for both service users and their families by helping to reduce social barriers, enabling individuals to lead a more active and fulfilling life.


Courage does not always roar.


Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,

“I will try again tomorrow”

Mary Anne Radmacher

Celebrating over 15 years of excellence