SweetTree launches dementia support group for family carers

Family members who are supporting a loved one with dementia are invited to learn more about living with and managing the condition, at a free support group. SweetTree Home Care Services, which has offices in central London and Richmond, provides specialist dementia care and support for individuals across the capital and nationally on a live-in care basis.

As part of its specialist dementia care programme, client families are invited to attend the new support group, which will be held bi-monthly at SweetTree’s head office in North London.

The sessions will be led by SweetTree’s admiral nurse Rikki Lorenti. As well as offering support, the group sessions will teach self-help techniques and offer practical advice to help people with dementia, and family carers, to feel safe at home.

Each session will focus on a different topic, including managing day-to-day home life, finances, keeping healthy and planning for the future.

Dean Bosher, dementia service manager at SweetTree, commented: “A dementia diagnosis can be extremely challenging for all involved, but with the right care and support we truly believe that people can live well with dementia – and it’s our job to ensure they do!

“SweetTree’s support group will aim to help our clients’ families to understand more about the condition and the practical steps they can take to manage it safely, such as how to make the home environment safer. It will also be an opportunity for families to meet and spend time with other families who are facing similar challenges.”


SweetTree care and support

SweetTree has been providing high quality domiciliary care for over a decade. Whether you require companionship and support at home, or more specialist home care, our highly trained team is here to help.

Our home care services have been specifically designed to meet the needs of those with dementia, physical disabilities, brain injuries, learning disabilities and neurological conditions.

For more details about the care provided by SweetTree, the dementia support group, or to speak with a member of the SweetTree team, please contact us on 020 7624 9944 or email info@sweettree.co.uk

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