SweetTree to employ Admiral Nurse

SweetTree Home Care Services is expanding its specialist dementia care services by becoming one of the first private home care providers in the UK to employ a dedicated Admiral Nurse.

Following a long-standing relationship with Dementia UK and the charity’s Admiral Nurses initiative, the company is to employ its own dedicated Admiral Nurse, who will be available to support client families.

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses, who work with family carers and people with the condition. They provide family carers with expert advice, emotional and psychological support to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviour and to adapt to the changing situation.

Admiral Nurses seek to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their families by using a range of interventions to help people live positively with the condition and to develop skills to improve communication and maintain relationships.

Hilda Hayo, chief executive of Dementia UK, commented: “Admiral Nursing is so unique as it bridges the gap between the health and social care system, but due to a lack of funding the scheme is very limited. There are currently just over 100 Admiral Nurses available to the estimated 800,000 people diagnosed with dementia in the UK and in many parts of the country there are no local Admiral Nursing services at all.

“We’re thrilled that SweetTree is taking steps to employ its own Admiral Nurse, as this will bring the vital service to even more families.”

Nicki Bones, operations director of SweetTree and a dementia specialist, said: “The role Admiral Nurse’s play in helping family carers is hugely beneficial to those lucky few who can gain access to them. For many families they are a vital lifeline and by offering our clients access to an Admiral Nurse we will be building on the life changing care and support that our dementia team currently provides.”


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