Jairo Medina Award 2020

On 21st August 2020, SweetTree held their 4th Annual Jairo Medina Awards event, which seeks to recognise the incredible work our support workers do and highlight the real differences they make to our client’s lives. Whilst normally we would hold the awards in person and invite all our support workers to come along, this year we had to think outside the box. Therefore, we took things online and put together a live broadcast award ceremony for all our employees to join in together and watch. We have been so thrilled (and honestly – a little taken aback…!) with the emotional responses we have got from the awards and felt this year we wanted to share some of the incredibly moving clips from the event over the course of coming weeks.

So to start us off, this week we want to share the emotional moment that we got to present the Jairo Medina to our main winner, Tola Banjo (more on Tola and all our winners in a later post!) who so deserved this award! Barry Sweetbaum (MD) and Nicki Bones (CEO) decided to surprise Tola in between her care shifts in London in order to present her award, do take a look to see what happened!

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