Paying for your home care

We work hard to make our fee structure transparent

We know that every financial situation is unique. As such, the costs of our home care services are carefully tailored to meet your needs with flexibility. Choose SweetTree home care in hourly, daily, overnight, or live-in care packages.

At SweetTree:

  • Your no-obligation initial care assessment is free.
  • Your ongoing care planning and assessment is free.
  • Home visits from SweetTree’s dedicated Dementia Nurse Specialist are free for all SweetTree care clients.


How much does SweetTree home care cost?

The cost of home care must be both reasonable and predictable. Financing care with SweetTree is a matter of building a package to suit your lifestyle and needs. We deliver home care services in a minimum of two-hour visits, with additional hours available after this. Your fees are determined according to whether or not you are being financially supported by your Local Authority, and any other funding support you receive.

SweetTree care assessments are free, and carry no obligation to use our services. Call us on 020 7644 9554 to book yours.

How much flexibility can I have?

Build your SweetTree care journey with small blocks of services and adjust them over time to meet your needs. You can always make changes as your interests widen, your financial situation fluctuates, or your care needs change. Cancel your SweetTree service more than 48 hours prior and no cancellation fee will be payable.


What funding support can I access?

If you are at the beginning of your care journey – because you either need care or are providing care to a loved one – contact your Local Authority or council and ask for a ‘Needs Assessment’. A representative from your council, such as a social worker, will usually visit to discuss your situation with you and to decide with you what actions should be taken.

If your council believes that you need support it can provide, it will also complete an assessment of your finances – a means test against national eligibility criteria. This will determine how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of care services, as well as how much your Local Authority might provide.

There are a range of options as to how this Local Authority assistance might be managed – such as in a budget managed by the Authority, or as a payment made directly to you. You can work with your Local Authority to determine this. In April 2016, Age UK published a guide to ‘Paying for care and support at home’, which can be accessed here.

If you’re not eligible for financial help from the council or from the NHS, you’re known as a ‘Self Funder’, and you’ll have to fund your own care. For more on your funding model options, read this article from SweetLife magazine by specialist advisor and Director at Eldercare Group, Andrew Dixon-Smith.


Where can I go for advice?  

Even if you are not eligible for financial contributions from your local council, you may be eligible for free financial advice on funding your care. Contact your local council for this.

Private, independent, and charitable advisors are also available to assist in organising your finances to accommodate home care. Free advice can be sought through the following bodies:


Age UK Advice

EAC First Stop Advice

Carers UK

Department of Health


If you are a Self-Funder, you may be interested in accessing the paid advice of the Eldercare Group, who specialise in guiding clients through the maze of planning and investment for care fees funding. As one of the first companies established to specialise in care fees advice, they have given peace of mind to a wide range of clients, ensuring that they receive the care of their choice for the rest of their lives. SweetTree has worked with Eldercare for many years.


We offer expertise and experience

If you have any questions about SweetTree service options, fees, or care assessment, call us today. Our team will find an appropriate specialist to answer your queries. We’ve worked with many different individuals and families at many stages of their care conversation. Call 020 7644 9554 and let us help you.


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