Your guide to our home care services

Live well in your own home

SweetTree is a boutique care service that delivers personal support and assistance to people in their own homes. Thanks to thirteen years of growth, we’ve become a leading UK home care service provider, and more than 8000 people living across London, Greater London, and now in new locations across the country, have welcomed us into their lives.

We’re proud that our reputation now speaks for itself: At SweetTree, we’re different to the big home care agencies. We care about who you are. Most people discover our home care service because friends and health professionals have recommended SweetTree. We’re flexible, we can be creative, and we work closely with you and your family to support you in living the way that you want.


Why choose SweetTree’s home care service?

We believe that with the right support, there’s nowhere more comforting and empowering than home.

We support elderly people to stay in their own homes; young people living with disabilities to move out into their first homes; and we help many other individuals to live more independently at home – with their carers and families, or on their own.

We’re interested in making home life better for you. Whether you would like more community interaction, more encouragement in your hobbies, more simplicity in your daily living, more control, or simply more peace of mind and companionship, talk to us about the home life you hope for.


Who can be a SweetTree client?

SweetTree provides many different types of support for individuals with a wide range of unique needs. Our youngest client is 18. Our ‘most experienced’ client is 104. Some of our clients rely on occasional visits from SweetTree for reassurance and companionship, assistance with personal care, and help around the house. Others depend on SweetTree for longer-term specialist services dedicated to people living with:

  • Dementia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Acquired brain injuries
  • Long-term neurological conditions
  • End of life diagnosis and palliative care need

And some clients call on us for short-term holiday, post-hospital or respite care.

All ages, cultures, and faiths are welcome at SweetTree. We invest heavily in matching you with carers who understand your values. SweetTree’s culturally focused home care service is specifically designed to support the diverse communities that live across London. Each highly detailed assessment focuses on preferred lifestyle, culture, and beliefs. The selected care team members are fully briefed to ensure each client’s religious, spiritual and cultural lifestyle is always upheld.

On availability care team members can be selected according to a client’s individual language and communication needs. Having a robust understanding of the English language as well as speaking a client’s native language is an essential part of building up strong communication channels and genuine relationships.


What types of care are available?

SweetTree carers and support workers are trained and qualified in a diversity of skills, including elderly and dementia care, care for people with disabilities and complex needs, and care for people who display challenging behaviour. Their priority is helping you work towards your personal goals – whatever these might be. Examples of the assistance that our team can bring into your home include:


  • Washing, bathing and dressing
  • Managing continence
  • Preparing meals and support with eating

Household assistance:

  • Light household cleaning
  • Assisting with washing, ironing, laundry and linen
  • Support from a handyman, driver or gardener
  • Support with shopping, collecting medications, and accessing pensions and benefits

Home health care:

  • Attending medical appointments and other commitments
  • Assistance with PEG feeds
  • Tracheostomy care and Non Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPY)
  • Medical gasses, nebulisers and oxygen therapy

Rehabilitation and goal-setting

  • Assistance with daily rehabilitation routines
  • Home adaptation for comfort and skill development
  • Socialisation and confidence-building activities

For your free care assessment, call 020 7644 9554.


How do I choose the right care provider?

“Choosing a quality home care service provider for yourself or a loved one is a life-changing decision,” says SweetTree Founder, Barry Sweetbaum. “Spend as much time as you can doing your research, try before you buy, speak to families of existing service clients, and make flexibility of service a priority. In the end, you must be fully satisfied by your choice of care, and have the freedom to make changes whenever you want.”


SweetTree’s top tips when searching for a high quality care service:

  • Meet with at least three potential care providers and ask challenging questions, especially about hidden entry and exit costs.
  • If looking for in-home care, visit a care home for comparison, and vice versa. You might be surprised by the alternative options.
  • Trial service providers for a week’s respite care or day visits to get a feeling for their services in action.
  • Word of mouth is the most credible reinforcement of a quality provider – speak to families of current residents, GPs, and other community members to see the picture beyond the marketing.
  • Look for companies that invest heavily in training and development for their carers, and quiz services on their recruitment processes.
  • See inspection reports and reviews of care service providers online at the Care Quality Commission website; is a trove of independent feedback on services near you.

Download our Home Care Provider Checklist for a more detailed guide to assist you in your search for a suitable home care provider.

 Provider Checklist

How can I finance my care?

At SweetTree we believe that high quality home care services should be accessible to all people, so regardless of the level of your need or budget, we will strive to deliver to you the best service possible.

All SweetTree home care help is available as hourly, daily, holiday respite, and full-time live-in care options, and we’re flexible and open when it comes to making changes. It’s our priority to see that your care works for you. At SweetTree, no two care packages are the same. Let us know what you want.


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