Channel 5 news special report – SweetTree demonstrate best practice

SweetTree has demonstrated best practice for a Channel 5 News report into how budget cuts have affected home care.

A new government proposal has suggested that home care visits should be limited, with some clients receiving as little as fifteen minutes of contact time.

Channel 5 spent the morning with our care team member Faith as she visited 92 year old Enid Abbey to see an example of best practice. SweetTree is confident that our two hour minimum visits mean that our clients receive the best possible care in a relaxed environment. This in turn allows our carers to build a genuine and reciprocal relationship with our clients.

Faith has been visiting Enid for 3 years and has built a close relationship with her in that time. Following the filming Faith said: “I really enjoy visiting Enid. It is a pleasure to spend time with her and she is more of a friend to me than a client. It was great for our relationship to be highlighted in this way.”

Many thanks to Channel 5 News for approaching us to be a part of this film and we hope that our award winning care will continue to set the standard in home care in the future.

To view the Channel 5 special report click here


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