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    Who we are

    How SweetTree started with a seed…

    In 2002, Co-founders Barry Sweetbaum and Nicki Bones set out on a joint mission to change the definition of what ‘High Quality’ home care looked like. For Barry, this was all about mirroring the amazing care that a lady name Margie provided to his mother over 30 years ago when she was ill with cancer.  Margie played a very special and crucially important role in Barry’s family’s life during this time and this is exactly the type of input that Barry and Nicki wanted the SweetTree team to provide to each and every one of the clients SweetTree looks after.

    With decades of experience in a variety of care sector settings, Nicki and Barry believed the way to make high quality care a reality was by focusing all of SweetTree’s activities on supporting the individuals receiving care and those providing it to reach their full potential. They then set out how SweetTree would achieve this in The SweetTree Mission Statement which remains as important a part of the SweetTree culture today as it was all of those years ago.

    The SweetTree Mission Statement

    To assist our clients, team members and the wider community to achieve the highest quality of life possible, through the provision of exceptional care and support; enhancing wellbeing, growth and development of the individual and SweetTree as a service provider.

    The SweetTree Charter

    In addition to SweetTree’s Mission Statement, the SweetTree Charter was then created to set out how each member of the SweetTree Team is expected fulfil their mission of changing the lives of those SweetTree supports. To ensure that the SweetTree Charter and Mission Statement are engrained in all we do at SweetTree, every member of the team is asked to sign a copy of the Charter before starting work with us. Together, the SweetTree Charter and Mission Statement form the foundation for the culture of SweetTree and define how we operate as a care provider and home care agency.  

    Provide the highest quality care and support possible

    Treat people with respect

    Encourage independence and self-fulfilment

    Enhance individuality

    Enhance self esteem

    Preserve dignity

    Support self-expression

    Recognise the right to take risks

    Promote freedom of choice

    Continually evolve and improve what we do

    The SweetTree Tree

    Each leaf of the tree represents a SweetTree service and the continued growth of our vision.

    Uniquely supporting London to reach its full potential

    Today, SweetTree sits proudly in Swiss Cottage looking after hundreds of clients across all of the London Boroughs and beyond. We are a CQC ‘Outstanding’ Rated provider, have our own fully accredited Training Academy, are launching a new care-focused technology platform via ‘SweetTree Connect’ (our sister company) and are the proud owners of a working care farm through which our Not for Profit ‘SweetTree Farming for All’ delivers services to vulnerable individuals in a farm setting which help them to learn to live more independent, active and meaningful lives in the community. 

    We certainly have come a long way in almost 20 years and continue to innovate and grow in line with the mission statement. With Barry (Managing Director) and Nicki (CEO) still firmly at the helm, the guiding principles that were set in 2002 have driven SweetTree to grow into a care provider that provides the highest quality care whilst catering to a vast array of person-centred care needs.

    “Quality is not an act, it’s a daily habit, and we’re proud of the care we provide.”

    Nicki Bones

    SweetTree co-founder and CEO