Team recognition

Celebrating the dedication and efforts of our team

At SweetTree we understand the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the dedication and efforts of our team. In 2008 we set up our Team Recognition Scheme, in order to highlight the fantastic work of our carers, support workers, and office team. The aim of the scheme is to reward the individuals that go the extra mile and to celebrate those that really strive to achieve their professional goals.

We encourage all our clients and their family members to help us recognise excellence, by contacting the office to let us know if you feel someone is deserving of a special mention. It may be a specific action when a team member went beyond the call of duty, or you may just like to show your appreciation for a carer who is very special to you.

On a quarterly basis the office team will choose three carers for our recognition award and they will be offered a small token and certificate as a mark of gratitude. We will also inform clients and families every quarter of everyone who was put forward for this special mention.

Nominate a SweetTree team member by getting in touch with your care manager or contacting the office directly

Celebrating over 15 years of excellence