Dementia KEYs Webinar Series

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic many people have found themselves suddenly caring for a loved one, having to quickly learn the ins and outs of care.  At SweetTree we have recognised the invaluable input of informal carers who are on the front-lines of care with us and want to do our part in supporting you by hosting a series of educational sessions.

Although the series of webinars has now concluded, you can watch the recorded sessions by clicking on the below videos.


Session 1: Dementia KEYs – crash course on basic dementia knowledge. We will also provide practical information on where to turn for guidance and advice.


Session 2: Dementia & Covid-19 – covering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on a person with dementia. This topic covers what to consider when assessing/anticipating new needs and behaviours and how to prepare and intervene as best as possible.


Session 3: Managing Your Wellbeing – this session is focused on YOU, the informal carer. Centred around the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on informal carers and how we can maintain wellbeing in these unprecedented times.


Session 4: Unplanned Hospitalisations & Discharge Planning, Covid-19 Complications & How to be Prepared – our fourth session focuses on what to do if a non-Covid related hospitalisation is required, how to prepare for this eventuality, and provide information on discharge planning considerations. As there is additional stress on the NHS the session will also look at how informal carers can navigate the hospital system, getting family members back to the community quickly and safely.


Session 5: General Q&A and Preparing for the Future – our final session is dedicated to general questions relating to the topics and planning for future care and support needs. We provide information on the types of community support, whom to contact, and other practicalities of ageing and care.


If you have any questions or would some more information, please call the SweetTree office on 020 7644 9554, or email our Dementia Service Manager and Clinical Specialist, Alexis or our Communications Manager 

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