Admiral Nursing Service

Supporting families through their dementia journey

What is an Admiral Nurse?

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia professionals who focus on the needs of family carers; providing psychological support, home and lifestyle advice, and connection to additional services. Admiral Nurses help families cope with challenges that arise along the dementia journey, including diagnosis, decisions, what support provision would best suit their needs and feelings of loss and bereavement as the condition progresses.

Recognising the important role that Admiral Nurses can play in supporting individuals and families affected by dementia, in 2014 SweetTree became one of the first home care providers in the country to be able to offer the vital service – in partnership with Dementia UK.

“The impact Admiral Nurses have on family carers is life-changing,” says SweetTree Operations Director Nicki Bones. “We are delighted to be among the lucky few who can gain access to their expertise, and share this with our clients and Dementia Team.”

What can an Admiral Nurse do for you?

  • Teach skills for managing at home
  • Offer advice and guidance
  • Undertake risk assessments
  • Assist with challenging behaviour
  • Connect you to relevant services
  • Advise on medical and legal choices
  • Liaise with other professionals
  • Provide care for family carers

Rikki Lorenti – SweetTree Admiral Nurse

Rikki has over 30 years’ experience in mental health care and has worked extensively with both elderly and early-onset dementia clients. As well as leading community mental health teams and in-patient wards, he has also managed independent nursing homes in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire.

“As a family, you can get past the fear of a dementia diagnosis. Dementia is no reason to shrink; no reason to disappear. It is possible to live well with dementia, and it is possible for your family to live well too.”

To get in touch with Rikki call us on 020 7624 9944 or email him directly at

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