Gender Pay Gap Reporting

How We Compare

Supporting Statement and Narrative

The information published on website and submitted to the Gender Pay Gap Service is accurate based on the assumptions made and guidance given by ACAS in the ‘Managing Gender Pay Reporting Guidance document and verbally.

At SweetTree the proportion of female employees to male employees is not unique in the care sector.

Our data shows that the mean and median gender pay gap figures are 7.4% and 10.5% respectively.  This variation represents our commitment to providing our clients with male carers where appropriate, that have specialist skills to deliver care required.  Our in house training academy has a programme in place to develop staff in specialist skills as part of their career pathway, opening up more opportunities to move into specialist areas. Our recruitment to office staff roles for specific skills is also contributing to this variation.

Our bonus structure rewards all employees equally based on length of service, and this is demonstrated by a mean and median bonus gender pay gap of 0.2% and 0%. In terms of proportion of males and females receiving a bonus, females are twice as likely to receive a bonus which is driven by the ratio of males to females, and our retention rate.  We have an action plan in place to increase our retention rate, enabling more of our employees to reach eligibility for length of service bonuses.

For the quartile pay bands, In Quartile 1 there are a higher proportion of females who are working as Live-ins, represented in the percentage split.  In Quartile 3 we have a higher proportion of males as we are providing specialist male carers for more complex cases to match client need.

Overall our gender pay gap demonstrates our ongoing commitment to equality across all our carers, and we continue to monitor this and address any imbalances whilst providing the level of care required by our clients.

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